Monolith Featured in Gates Foundation Research

It is our pleasure to announce that Monolith has been selected as one of the emerging acts from Bangladesh startup ecosystem – in a research initialized by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
The research aims for a deeper understanding of current situation in the region, more importantly, the obstacles companies face in the region regarding growth, exposure and making difference in people’s lives.

Several of the obstacles in Bangladesh ecosystem, one of which the lack of presence from supporting media, incubator programs to fund many of the emerging startups. According to him, although there is growing interest from foreign investors in Bangladesh interest originating from within the country often suffer from lack of adequate platforms supporting some great initiatives taken up by students and young entrepreneurs.

Syed Priom, co-founder of Monolith shares his opinion on the initiative – “At Monolith, we believe that foreign investments are vital to Bangladesh. There is huge potential which is clear from the growth of the Internet industry here. Tech companies can improve the connectivity among people, and that will in turn improve the dependency among people. We believe this improvement is the key driving factor behind local economy.”

We hope that the research will help Gates foundation to gain valuable insights about the market, consumers and immense financial potential that exist in Bangladesh.

[Press Release: Last Update on 12/28/2016]