Patriot Group & Ensuring Safeguard for Bangladesh Garment Workers


The incident of Savar Tragedy had gripped the world in shock. International companies doing business with Bangladeshi RMG Factories expressed dissatisfaction with the security and well being of workers in aftermath of one of the deadliest building collapses.

Right after the tragedy there was massive concern from businesses in Bangladesh to ensure partners and potential buyers on the safeguard of their working environments. We worked with such a RMG name – Patriot Group.

We gathered necessary information and visuals that we put into the website. It was a great experience for INVAAS to work on a project that would bring more than regular satisfaction and mean something we have done directly related to stake of the largest contributor to Bangladesh economy. We, along with the Director of Patriot Group emphasized on a simple point – we want to show potential customers through the information portal that Patriot Group’s facilities are in complete accordance with international standard.

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